Take a moped driving lesson and ride your moped through Amsterdam

You can get to work, school or friends faster with a moped. You can get more sleep and have more time for other fun things. More personal responsibility. Who would not want that? Of course, you do still need to get your license first. This isn’t difficult, certainly not at Ishak Driving School in IJburg Amsterdam. You can do so in just 1 day, and it’s affordable as well.

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Theory and practical lessons to safely drive a moped

You start with your theory lesson, because it is important that you are familiar with the signs and rules of the road before getting behind the wheel. A few hours in class is enough to learn everything you need to know. You’ll take an exam and if you pass, we will then move on to practical lessons. You must bring a translator via tolkennet.nl



Get on your moped
Once you have your theory certificate and you are 16, you can start your moped driving lessons. We have a helmet, clothes and boots for you. We will carry out a trial lesson, which will show whether you’ll be able to pass your exam that same day. If not, you’ll have to take additional lessons on another day. But it is, in principle, possible to get your moped license in 1 day.



Plan a course

Rates for the moped package

Theory course

€ 130,-

1 day Theory course

incl. theory  exam

e.g. Sunday theory course 9:00 -16:00

Monday theory exam at the CBR.

Moped package 1

€ 330,-

4 x moped driving lessons

moped driving exam

Everything is taken in 1 day.

Moped package 2

€ 430,-

4 x moped driving lessons

driving exam

theory lesson *

theory exam

*  theory lesson only takes place with at least 3            students