Ishak Driving School has been helping the people of Amsterdam get their driving license for over 30 years

Cruise through the city in your own or someone else’s car.
You’re guaranteed to be driving responsibly because you were taught at Ed
Ishak. The school’s expert instructors gave you confidence and helped you to
pass the test quickly.

Sounds good? Then sign up at our driving school in IJburg, Amsterdam.

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Driving lessons

Driving is covenient for private use, and it's often necassar for work. A driving license is a good investement for the rest of your life. 

It gives you more freedom of movement and allows you to help others het where they need to be. 

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Motorcycle riding lessons

Effortlessly move through the city on two wheels. Or how about a lovely trip through the mountains with friends? 

Become part of the subculture of motorcyclists. Get your motorcycle license in Amsterdam at Ishak Driving School and you’ll have a lot to look forward to.

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Moped driving lessons

Tired of cycling? Want to be able to sleep longer and get to school or work faster?

Enjoy a nice day trip to the beach? All of this is possible with a moped or a scooter. Get your license in no time at Ed Ishak in Amsterdam.

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Why opt for driving lessons at Ishak Driving School?

You choose your driving school only once. It is the basis of which you acquire responsible driving behavior. A careful choice is therefore important. The cbr gives you various tips on questions that you can ask yourself and instructors. Practical things to keep in mind when choosing your driving school. For example, have you thought about success rates? And you click with the teacher?

Read more at the CBR

Driving lessons nearby

Wil je lessen in Amsterdam en omstreken? Autoijschool Ishak haalt je op en zet je af.

Customised driving lessons

You’ll get exactly the right amount of lessons. Choose the instructor that's right for you.

Affordable packages

Because our success rate is high, costs are affordable. Pay at once or in instalments.

Drive in a new car

We drive in Mercedes, Volkswagen and Chevrolet cars. You can choose from a stick shift or an automatic car.

Good instructors

You’ll drive with a friendly driving instructor. Many of us have more than 30 years of
driving lesson experience in Amsterdam

BOVAG guarantee

When you sign up at Ed Ishak, you will guaranteed receive the driving lessons you
have paid for, with the BOVAG guarantee.

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