Hit the road in no time with driving lessons by Ishak Driving School

Driving a car is a wonderful activity. You're warm, protected from the rain, with two hands on the steering wheel; all you have to do is give gas, switch gears and brake. Ishak Driving School makes driving second nature. Turn on some music, leave your cares behind and just drive. Whether you are driving to work in Amsterdam West or to see friends in Denmark or southern France

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Theory lesson in Amsterdam IJburg

Passing your theory exam is a prerequisite of doing your practical exam. Which makes sense, because you need to know the rules of the road before participating in traffic. So that means: back to school. Ishak Driving School teaches you all you need to know in one day so that you can start your theory exam quickly.

Rates for theory lessons

Theory exam


€ 45,-

Theory Book 



€ 45,-

Theory pakkage

1-day theory class inclusive theory examination from 9.00 untill 16.00 hour

€ 125,-

Practical car driving lessons in and around Amsterdam

We start with a trial lesson, which is a nice and affordable way to begin. After that, we will discuss the number of lessons you’ll probably need. Based on that, you can choose a package. A trial lesson takes 90 minutes and costs € 60,00.

Good coaching

The driving instructors of Ishak Driving School have the necessary patience and give you the trust you need to acquire your driving skills at your own pace, to master the car completely, and to be relaxed on the road. When you’re no longer surprised or intimidated by traffic, you’re ready for your exam.


You can opt to take an interim test. This is an interim test exam, after which you could be exempted from particular operations. It’s a good exercise, so definitely recommended!

Plan a trial lesson

Rates for car lessons by Autorijschool Ishak

Car Package 1

€ 1.750,-

Including driving lesson, theory course, driving exam and theory exam

30 driving lessons of 60 minutes

  • Driving lessons
  • CBR Driving exam
  • Optional Theory Course and exam € 125,-

Car Package 2

€ 2.250,-

Including driving lesson, theory course, driving exam and theory exam

40 driving lessons of 60 minutes

  •  Driving lessons
  • CBR Driving exam
  • optional Theory Course and exam € 125,-


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CHECKOUT NEW! BE Driving Lessons

  • Daily course

  • 6 hours driving lesson

  • Examiniation

  • Costs € 580,00

Why opt for Ishak Driving School?

  • More than 30 years of experience

  • High pass rate

  • Reliable

  • Drive in a new instruction car